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my two brothers The north face Girl's Denali Jacket GREENand match

Han looked after listening to doubt, North Face Outletthat obviously means: "You're a frail scholar would like to cast the military?"Lung see his mind, but it does not point out. But North Face Clearancesmiled and said: "how, so you still come?"Han said that: "I Zhou Cang what it says, that for the first pleasures of the labor force, how could I lose the trust of people?"Zhou Cang hear the word, Cheung was shocked: "You you're Zhou Cang?"The Lung atThe north face Kid's Denali Jacket Blue this time almost to tears, do not want to change history. What to know what can be encountered during the Three Kingdoms, Shu famous generals - Zhou Cang it!But looking forward to see him like that, Cheung also embarrassed to refuse. Had agreed.Zhou Cang, who suddenly pleased to hear, Dear shouted: "My lord, in the by I worship!"Lung quickly help them up, said: "Do not so, my two brothers The north face Girl's Denali Jacket GREENand match on the line."Zhou Cang heard quickly moved to say: "I am lord of men, how can more ceremony? I Zhou Cang, although a yokel, but this point is to know."See Zhou Cang insisted to match master and servant. Cheung also understand that this era of people like this, if we must reject it, but not the United States. So I had to agree. Lung restricted Zhou Cang but one hand in hand.But in that case, the original plan or Lung was disrupted.Then, after a month, being in a mountain. Two people are rushed to the direction of Luoyang, this duo is the Lung and Zhou Cang.
Go for a while, they came to sit next to a tree to rest.Just listen to Zhou Cang Datailielie said: "My lord, you're too god. Really not what you expected. Inclination of the three Zeizi really Rebellion it!"Lung smiled and said: "Unfortunately, they only know fighting each other, and I expected, not one year. Doomed to failure!"After listening to just admire extremely Zhou Cang, Lianlian Chen is.See Zhou Cang so trust yourself,The north face boy's Denali Jacket Brown not by the Lung of a smile.Shortly after, Cheung stood up and said: "I think the court probably will soon send troops vindicated. You state that we vote on the transfer of the military."After listening to the words Cheung, Zhou Cang puzzled asked: "Why do not we just cast the military in Luoyang or Yingchuan it?

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