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Kinji General Palace North Face Outlet salemacro hear the words

.Kinji General Palace North Face Outlet salemacro hear the words, the body shook, could not believe their side yesterday, also watching the spoiled daughter, does not even know himself.Ice, you know me, I am your Eniang ah" Kinji Murong kite hear the words, but also stunned.ice? Ice I do not call, I called Kinji"Cheap North Face SaleKinji strange watching her, I do not know why why she should call their Ice, I do like her daughter, Ice it?Kinji understand in time, the palace next to the macro, shouted loudly: "not to pass the doctor to see Ice, which in the end how it ah, how good do not even know Armagh with Eniang . " Kinji was middle-aged man next to sound shocked, The North Face Gore Tex 3 in 1 Jacket Men'sBaileyiyan good, suddenly shouted so loud what to do, scared me. Kinji wanted to stand up to see the surrounding environment, but just did not expect to get up, head suddenly dizzy want to go down, which hold on to the next The North Face Triclimate 3 in 1 Jacket Men'sSatsuki Kinji, it fell to the ground to avoid their , Kinji looked around Satsuki, smiling, said: "Thank you"Little Miss Satsuki slaves do not know it?" Small big eyes looking at blinking Kinji. Slaves? General? Also see nearby antique furniture, the idea of ??a terrorist attack on the Kinji mind. Do yourself through the The North Face Gore Tex Soft Shell Jacket Mensfragmentation, but this ... ... how could such a thing happen, not illusory it? Thinking, regardless of the feeling of dizziness, rushed in front of a bronze mirror.Ah -, impossible, impossible, how could such things happen in my body," Kinji do not believe that people who are themselves in the mirror, the face of beauty, but why it feels so familiar with this face, my God is that strange woman, Kinji do not believe they looked at themselves in the mirror.
How could this, in the end why such a" mad Kinji Charm Beneath the dresser all thrown on the ground, and then reeled, Kinji become collapsed.

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